Santa Experience at ADP

Santa Experiences and Holiday Sessions

Santa Experience Sessions at ADP

I. Am. So. Excited!! About these amazing sessions! The holidays are just around the corner and these Santa Experiences are so unique and so amazing.

I have been dreaming of beautiful Christmas artwork that would feature the children you love and could be a part of your holiday decor every year! I knew I wanted that for myself, and, more importantly, as I talked to others I realized that so many families would love to include beautiful decor with their own kids in the images too! Therefore, I set out to create the most amazing fine art holiday portraits.

Our Santa is so kind and so sweet with the littles! He has a storyline to guide the kids through to give them a truly memorable experience. I am there to document the time they have with them and will interfere little to not at all. The art that ADP will create for your family will be a sweet keepsake and will be something beautiful to display every year.

The Santa Experiences are $269 and include a set of custom Christmas cards and an ornament. Other products, including digital files and a Christmas story book filled with your images are available as well if you choose!

Contact ADP to reserve your slot! November 8th and 9th in the ADP studio.

Christmas sessions without Santa are available for booking on Sunday November 10th.

Send a message! ~ 406-370-0031

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