Family Flight

Do I get the Camera Out?

There’s no next time, it’s now or never! I think about this often. I am, surprise surprise, a picture fanatic. I’m a sentimental sap and I am always taking pics with my phone and recording- my kids especially. It’s a little bit of a battle in my mind sometimes over whether or not to grab the phone and take a photo. This post is a little different-but I think we can all relate!

My husband is an amazing man. He’s super awesome at just being in the moment. He loves it when he can have a tickle war with the kids or give Drew a ride on the lawn mower while they cut the grass or dance in the kitchen to Paige’s favorite song with her without me running to grab the phone to document it. Don’t get me wrong- he’s totally ok with my obsession of taking photos. But the question still exists- does it take you out of living fully in the moment if you’re so worried about documenting it?

I’ve tried to be better about not doing it every time. It’s made a difference. I still have a plethora of photos and little videos of all the cute moments in my life. But now that I’ve let go of stressing about taking a picture EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it seems that the moments are even more of a treat. These precious kids and times in our life go so fast.

C.S. Lewis said that “the future is something which everyone reaches at a rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” We all have the same 24 hours in a day to spend however we will. Make the most of it! But if you’re feeling tempted like I often do, don’t worry about making sure you have the equivalent of a reality tv crew in your home every minute of the day.  I know it’s been a good thing to do in my life.


Family Photos

Ababy plan tryptychnd that’s especially why I love doing baby plans. What a fun way to capture the moment and ages and how fast babies change in the first year of their lives! I’ve found that for my own kids the milestone ages are the ones I get the big camera out and those are the images I hang on the wall, those are the images I typically send to family. And those are the images that my mom had done from my own childhood that she still has in frames. Use that time to have a built in reminder of when to capture the moment- and then fill in with your camera at home. It’s a pretty sweet way to keep those memories.








Here’s a moment that I captured just yesterday. She did it a few times throughout the day and was just killing me with the cute. So when she did it again instead of eating her dinner I just had to record it. Happy day everyone!