Creating Art for Generations

These kids have my heart! My amazing parents have wanted a beautiful piece of art with their grandbabies for their home for a while… and I have been working on it for a while! Creating art can take more than a day, for sure! 😬❤️ We photographed the kids on the green screen in their den. It was a crazy day! And my dad played ‘the bear’ which made all the kids laugh.

My parents have a beautiful home with some amazing decor! My step-mom, or bonus-mom as we call her- Theresa is incredible at putting a house together and making it look so intentional and cozy and honestly beautiful. They have a huge framed print in their family room that has the most gorgeous frame and they wanted to replace the print with something that would, rather than a posed family portrait, be a piece of art. It needed to look intentional as part of the decor. Creating art is what I love to do.

So we talked about what they wanted and I set to work! This beautiful piece is being printed on mounted canvas to be framed with the wonderful frame they have already. I can’t wait to see it all finished. I’ll post an update when it’s hanging! I love that they chose to show these little people that we all love so much as the centerpiece in their family room where everyone gathers.

This is the epitome of what I do. Creating art. Yes, it’s true that digital files are currently available with me. But this is what it’s about. Families that choose me do so because they want beautiful pieces of art to put up in their homes. Pieces created out of love for what I do and a love for being able to provide special products for families to enjoy that they can’t find other places.

Thanks for asking me to do this Dad and Theresa. Love you both so much!

© Ashley Dawn Photography

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